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C A T H Y  W E S T  M U L L I N S

There have been two defining moments in my life that have inspired and given me confidence to pursue my passion for photography. First was my acceptance and completion of my B.A. in Art History from Harvard University. The year spent at Harvard was glorious, exposing me to the Fogg Art Museum and some of the finest professors in Art History. The hours spent at the Fogg were truly pleasurable. The second seminal event was on the opposite coast, outside of Seattle, Washington. I successfully trained and climbed to the highest point on Mt. Rainier, Columbia Crest. Signing my name at the summit of Columbia Crest, looking down on the Yakima Valley and over to Seattle and Tacoma, I knew then, that if I set my mind to something that was important to me, I could achieve it. My career in photography was launched! I now realize that my move to New York City from Seattle in 1998 allowed me to pursue my photography career in ways that would not have been available to me, had I not taken yet one more risk.

My love of the outdoors and appreciation of art have come together to give me an unique eye for documenting the world as it isóbut often presenting it in a very romantic, surreal state.  I find myself continually drawn towards capturing rural landscapes that are devoid of urban influences.  My art is what you see.  The photos represent the raw picture taken at that moment, without post production alterations.  Critics refer to their painterly quality, reminiscent of freehand charcoal sketches.  I find that my art history background has influenced my photographic style.  Living in New York City, it would be convenient to photograph my urban environment, but the greater challenge is to record a more pristine way of life.  I am more drawn to a world that is different than the one I live in.  I spend as much time trying to locate situations that I want to photograph as I do photographing them.